[Printed parliamentary paper.] An Act for Inclosing Land in the Parish of South Moreton, in the County of Berks. [Royal Assent, 8 May 1818.] 58 Geo. III. Sess. 1818.

[The South Moreton Inclosure Act 1818; John Sadgrove; Rev. William James; George Barnes of Andover; Joseph Lousley of Blewbury; Henry Dixon; the University of Oxford; English enclosure of common land]
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'Ley & Jones, House of Commons.' 1818.
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35 + [1] pp., 8vo. Stitched and unbound. Well printed, on good laid paper, watermarked 'IPING | 1813'. In fair condition, on aged paper and lightly-discoloured paper, and folded into a packet, showing the title on the reverse of the last leaf as quoted above. The drophead title reads: Sess. 1818 - 58 Geo. III. | An Act for Inclosing Lands in the Parish of South Moreton, in the County of Berks. | [Royal Assent, 8 May 1818.]' The preamble begins: 'Whereas there are in the Parish of South Moreton, in the County of Berks, certain Open and Common Field Arable Lands, Common Meadows, Common Pastures, Waste Grounds and other Commonable Lands, and also divers Homesteads, Gardens, Orchards and Old Inclosures: | And whereas John Sadgrove, Gentleman, is Lord of the Manor of Sanderville and Bray, in South Moreton aforesaid, and as such claims to be entitled to the Right of Soil of, in, and to the Commons and Waste Lands lying within the said Parish, subject to the Rights of Common and Pasturage thereon: | And whereas the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford are Patrons of the Rectory and Parish Church of South Moreton aforesaid, and the Reverend William James, Clerk, is the present Rector thereof, and as such is entitled to about Fifteen Acres of Arable Land by estimation, Tythe free, lying dispersed in the said Open and Common Fields, and to certain Rights of Common belonging thereto: [...]'. The three commissioners elected are 'George Barnes of Andover in the County of Southampton, Gentleman, Joseph Lousley of Blewbury in the said County of Berks, Gentleman, and Henry Dixon of the City of Oxford, Gentleman'. Scarce: the only copies found on COPAC and OCLC WorldCat at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.