Printed notice in English and Burmese, from Major General C. F. B. Pearce of the British Military Administration 'To All Burma Government Servants', on victory over the Japanese, announcing that 'The era of face slapping is over'.

Major General C. F. B. Pearce [Sir Charles Frederick Byrde Pearce] (1892-1964), Chief Civil Affairs Officer (Burma), British Military Administration [Japanese occupation of Burma, 1942-1945]
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Without place or date. [Burma, c. May 1945.] In bottom left-hand corner: 'SB/20'.
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2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with slight discoloration and wear to extremities. In English on one side and Burmese on the other. Both sides headed by the royal crest, with a banner beneath, reading in English 'BRITISH MILITARY ADMINISTRATION'. The English version of the document is signed in type: 'Sd: C. F. B. PEARCE | Maj. General | Chief Civil Affairs Officer (Burma)'. It is headed 'TO ALL BURMA GOVERNMENT SERVANTS', and begins: 'The Allies are now about to drive the Japanese from Burma. | The British Military Administration who will take over the administration of areas liberated from the Japanese will work through the Civil Affairs Service (Burma).' The conclusion, all in capitals, reads: 'Report to the first Allied military officer you can find. Tell him you are a government servant and are to be passed to the nearest C.A.S. Officer. Or if there is no C.A.S. Officer nearby to the nearest Burma Intelligence Corps Officer. | The era of face slapping is over.' An excessively scarce item: the only copy traced in the Imperial War Museum.