[Montgomery of Alamein] Typed Letter Signed 'Montgomery of Alamein', to Miss Joan Baird, Hon. Sec. South Africa Club, 10 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, London EC4. about his controversial trip to South Africa. With related material.

Bernard Montgomery, General
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[Headed] Islington Mill, Alton, Hants, 15 July 1961.
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One page, 8vo, fold marks and rust where pin had been used to hold all together, mainly good condition. He thanks her for a letter and an invitation to dine at the South Africa Club. "I enclose a copy of hte itinerary of my visit to South Africa [described below], from which you will see that I do not arive back in England until 23rd February 1962." He accepts the invitation and offers his best date.With: A. two file copies (carbons) of letters sent by Joan Baird to Montgomery extendoing the invitation discussed above (14 July 1961) and acknowledging the above letter (7 July 1961) with information about the dinner where he will be principle speaker as Verwoerd had been on an earlier occasion (attended by Montgomery); B. Itinerary for South Africa Trip, one page, folio, carbon copy; C. "The South Africa Club | Speech by Field-Marshal Montgomery, 13 March 1962, 5pp., fol., good condition. He starts by suggesting that South Africa was kicked out of the Commonwealth by a "gang of self-righteous hypocrites". He went to see for himself (as in the trip discussed above), having previously visited twice. He discusses Apartheid, and lays out his definitions (e.g "I am going to refer to the Bantu as black and the people of European origin as white", and makes several points basically in support of apartheid (eg. no talk of driving Whites out, the racial complexity of Africa, questioning whether racial separation is wrong. etc). He then goes over his recent travels and experiences, referring to the South Africans who fought in the War, the imnportance of keeping South African gold out of Communist hands, and the need for "tolerance of South Africa's difference". Note: I have yet to find evidence that this speech has been published.