[Pierre Crabitès, American judge of the Mixed Courts of Egypt.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Wortham to H. E. Wortham, on their both publishing biographies of Gordon of Khartoum.

Pierre Crabitès (1877-1943), American judge of the Mixed Courts of Egypt, and lecturer on law at Louisiana State University [Hugh Evelyn Wortham (1884-1959), biographer of Gordon of Khartoum]
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Letter One: Mixed Tribunals, Cairo. 31 December 1932. Letter Two: on letterhead of the Tribunal Mixte de Caire, 28 April 1932.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Letter One: 2pp., foolscap 8vo. The letter begins: 'Dear Wortham: | I had no idea years ago when you were in Cairo, that 1933 would find us issuing "Gordon" books. [Wortham's book was published in England by Harrap, and Crabitès's by Routledge.] This means that for months passed we have been browsing in the same intellectual fields.' He suggests an exchange of autographed copies: 'I would send you mine at once but, January 12 is my date of publication & I haven't a copy out here.' He reports on the changes which have come into his life since Wortham was in Cairo: 'My hair is white and very little of it remains. I have reduced my number of legs from two to one. And I am a grandfather. But my wife is young & happy.' He concludes by reminding Wortham of his wife's first visit to Cairo, 'with a letter from Mrs Henry Beer of New Orleans'.Letter Two: 2pp., 12mo. He acknowledges receipt of Wortham's book, which is 'worthy of the high praise which has been given it'. He hopes Wortham has received his own 'effort', sent some weeks before. President Taft nominated Crabitès to a seat on the Mixed Courts of Egypt in 1911, and he sat on the bench in Cairo for the next twenty-five years, deciding on many important cases, including the case for the sequestration rights to Tutankhamen's tomb.