[The Bristol Aeroplane Co., Ltd.] Printed illustrated brochure for 'The "Bristol" Titan Aircooled Aero Engine ['Series II']', accompanied by eleven black and white publicity photographs (four of the engine and seven of Bristol airplanes).

The Bristol Aeroplane Co., Ltd., of Filton, Bristol [originally the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company] [aeronautics; aeronautical; aircraft]
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The Bristol Aeroplane Co., Ltd., Filton, Bristol. [Brochure printed by 'Edward Everard, Broad Street, Bristol.] [Circa 1928.]
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The Bristol Aeroplane Company was an early and important innovator in the field of aircraft design and development. Four variants of its Titan engine (I, IIF, II Special, and IV) were produced in 1928. The present brochure and photographs are contained in a large manila envelope, with 'The "Bristol" Aeroplanes' printed in green on front. The photographs are all in very good condition, and all measure around 18 x 23.5 cm. The brochure is 4pp., 4to, printed in brown on a bifolium of cream paper. It is in good condition, with a little wear and creasing. It carries three illustrations of the engine, and ends with the 'Leading Particulars' of 'The "Bristol" Titan. - Series II' (fifteen specifications beginning with 'Type - 5 cylinder air cooled radial', and ending with 'Standard Weight Bare - 525 lbs.'). It begins: 'The Titan completes the range of "Bristol" air cooled aero engines, and was designed to meet the requirements for an engine of "Bristol" standard in the popular 200 H.P. class, at present so much in demand for the instructional, touring and lighter multi-engined commercial machines. | Since its introduction as a type in 1928 extensive bench and flight tests have been carried out, and the present production model is conservatively rated, of robust construction, reliable and simple to maintain.' None of the photographs is captioned, but the four of the engine (all portrait) carry the numbers in the bottom left-hand corners 3430, 3871, 3910 and 5860. The seven photographs of the planes are all landscape, and six show the planes standing on grass (with five captioned in the bottom left-hand corner T142/19, T142/23, T130/23, T130/25 and T130/29), with the seventh showing a plane in flight.