[Indian Civil Service (British India).] Manuscript book of 'Notes' relating to diplomatic matters and protocol, including personal information on Indian princes, compiled in the final years of the Raj. With associated matter loosely inserted.

[Indian Civil Service; British India; the Raj]
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Compiled between 1935 and 1947. In thumb-indexed 'S.O. Book 129 Indexed. | Code 28-66-0. | G[eorgius]. R[ex]. | Supplied for the Public Service'. '1/35. [i.e. January 1935] D. D. & L.'
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42pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper, in worn binding. 'NOTES' and 'D. M. [Diplomatic Mission?]' in manuscript on the front cover. Written in a number of different hands, over a nine-year period, with occasional additions in red ink. The first entry on the first page reads: 'Aga Khan | must be included in all formal or State invitations to the Palace to which any Indian Princes of whatever rank are invited if he is in London or Paris at the time.' And the last entry on the page reads: 'ABDUL AZIZ: Mian, (was once President of All India Muslim League) In 1941 appealed to Col. A.D.C. owing large bills at Langham Hotel and St. James's Court. Passage to India obtained for him but he refused to go & in June 42 returned to the charge asking to be sent to India on a Mission. Very anxious that G[overnment]. of I[ndia]. should subscribe to his book "The Crescent in the Land of the Rising Sun".' Such interesting personal information is to be found in a number of entries, for example: 'BHAJJI - ex Rana Birpal Singh of - certified as a lunatic by the Civil Surgeon, Simla East'; 'Patiala. "Prince Talida of Patiala" alias Bacha Oured arersted in Geneva on 22 May 1936.'; 'DORZA. The name of an American adventuress operating in the neighbourhood of the Dorchester. Information telephoned by Sir Louis Greig, on 24 Oct. 1936.'; 'de D'Orée, Comte, Called himself an A.D.C. to Pratiala and gained admittance into Norolk Hosue to inspect Coronation Robes.'; 'JAIPUR. H. H. had a flying accident Oct. 1935 broke his lower jaw and injured both ankles.'; 'JAORA. His Highness is now anxious that his sixth son should be recognised as his heir, ie. Nawabzoda Mohammed Ransus Ali Khan, aged about 17. H. H. now contends that his 2 eldest sons are illegitimate. The twins are perverted, & the fifth son is married to an English girl & has been in England for 14 years & consequently is out of touch with his native land & customs.'; 'NABHA, His Highness the Maharaja of - presented two Ambulances to the Brighton Corporation.'; 'RAMPUR | [...] Sahibzada Nazir Ali Khan, is uncle to the present Nawab of Rampur. He lives at Monaco & while in Englandn in 1939 resided at the Eccentric Club. Reported missing in June 1940 but arrived safely in England. Granted an allowance of £1,020 p.a. by late Ruler on condition he settled & married in England. This he agreed to do in 1907 & married an actress. He has a daughter.' There are references to a 'Black List' (on which Major Gervase Lang and Miss Elizabeth Sharpe are placed). Practical information is contained in such entries as 'Ambassadors and Embassies', 'Prince - Title of', 'Precedence', 'Burmese Awards', 'Bhopal', 'Buckingham Palace', 'Court', 'Duleep Singh', 'Governors', 'Garden Party' ('Not necessary to have been "presented" in order to attend - see file of 1923. Persons against whom Decrees of Divorce have been pronounced, also guilty co-respondents or undischarged bankrupts are INELIGIBLE.'), 'Gallantry (Civil) Awards', 'Hyderabad', 'Insignia', 'Mysore', 'Majithia', 'Nepal', 'National Defence Council'; 'Precedence'; 'Prince', 'Tibet', 'Udaipur', 'Uniform', 'Viceroy's War Purposes Fund'. Loosely inserted are seventeen associated items, and this material includes three press cuttings relating to the marriage at Caxton Hall, London, of Prince Yashwant Singh. Also the following typescripts: 'New Bundi Ruler Serving on Burma Front' (from the Public Relations Directorate, General Headquarters, New Delhi, 26 April 1945); 'Extract from the Second Supplement to the London Gazette of Friday, the 18th of April 1941 [...]' (4pp., foolscap 8vo); 'Extract from Telegram dated 15th April 1931 from Secretary of STate to Viceroy'; 'The Military Cross' (report of award to Lt Mahraj Kumar Bahadur Singh); 'Indian Titles'; two extracts from 'The Spectator' (letter from S. S. Zoha on 'Hyderabad and India', and article by Philip Woodruff); 'Royal Warrant'; and transcript of letter from Anthony Eden, Foreign Office, 7 June 1937, headed 'Designations of the sons and daughters of Indian Rulers'. Also a manuscript account, on a file card, giving prices for various items of jewellery, from 'G.C.S.I. Collar £508 10s 0d' to 'C.I.E. £39 0s 0d'.