[Robert Byron, traveller.] Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Strutt, discussing areas in Ceylon and South India that she should visit.

Robert Byron (1905-1941), traveller and authority on Byzantine civilization, author of 'The Road to Oxiana'
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'as from 91 Bishopsgate | EC2 [London]'. 2 February 1938.
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2pp., 4to. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. In original envelope addressed to Mrs Strutt at the Galle Face Hotel, Columbo, Ceylon. He lists four locations in Ceylon, and six in South India, with brief comments including:'15 sq. miles of ruins - the oldest tree in the world'; 'lovely temple, Adams Houses, Flaxman monuments'. The regarding the last location he writes: 'Madras itself has charming classical buildings, & in the Old Durbar Hall is to be

portrait of the D. of Wellington as a young man - G [sic] Hoppner.' He concludes: 'I do hope you have a pleasant trip & shall look forward to hearing about it. | Do go to S. India - you will regret it bitterly if you don't.' Mrs Strutt was a leading member of London Roman Catholic high society.