[ Friend of J.M. Barrie] Autograph Letter Signed "Charles Turley Smith" to [J.G.] Wilson, of booksellers, Bumpus.

Charles Turley Smith, schoolboy story writer and close friend of J.M. Barrie.
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Pendragon, Cury, Cornwall, 21 Sept. [no year].
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Two pages, cr.8vo, fold marks, good condition. Thanks for his letter. "I feel certain that your daughter is an extraordinarily sound judge! But I have also a kind of feeling that I may conceivably be a little prejudiced! I shall await your opinion with faith and hope, trusting that it may be charitable. Seriously I don't want to send you a copy of a work that will only be an encumbrance, but if you do really like it & would care for me to send it either to your daughter or yourself I should be very glad to do so. [...]"