[ Tunisia Campaign, British North Africa Force, 1943. ] Duplicated 'SECRET' document by Major-General Charles Keightley, titled 'Main Lessons from the recent Campaign in North Africa as applicable to an Armd Div.'

General Sir Charles Frederic Keightley (1901-1974), 6th Armoured Divison, British North Africa Force [ BNAF ] [ British Army, Tunisia Campaign, North African Campaign, 1943 ]
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'In the Field | 7 Jun 43.' and 'HQ 6 Armd Div, | B.N.A.F. | 7 Jun 43.' [ British North Africa Force, 7 June 1943. ]
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7pp., 8vo. On four leaves stapled together. In good condition, lightly-aged and with rusting staple. Stamped 'SECRET' at head of first page. Facsimile of Keightley's signature at end ('Maj Gen | Comd | 6 Armd Div.'). Written 'IN THE FIELD | 7 Jun 43.' Introduction begins: 'The following notes are arrived at as a result of operations in a country which varied from open desert-like areas to very enclosed, difficult and mountainous country with a minimum of roads.' Keightley writes that his 'conclusions reached as a result of these operations are known to agree generally with those reached by the comds of 10 Corps and 1st and 7th Armd Divs.' Divided into two parts ('Tactical' and 'Equipment and Organisation'), with a total of eighteen sections. Ten sections in the first part: 'Maintenance and Momentum of the Attack', 'Concentration', 'Reconnaissance', 'Destruction of Enemy A.Tk Guns', 'Holding Fire', 'Digging In', 'Co-operation with R.A.F.', 'March Discipline', 'Mines', 'Organisation and Command'. Eight sections in the second part: 'Tanks', 'Sights', 'A.Tk Guns', 'Proportion to be S.P.' (including requirement of A.Tk regiment to "engage TIGERS"] , 'Fd and Mod Arty', 'Armoured Car Regt', 'Organisation of the Armd Regt', 'Armd Div Recce Regt' and 'Infantry'. No other copy traced, either on OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC, and not in the Imperial War Museum collection. From the papers of military historian Barrie Pitt, author of 'Crucible of War'.