[ Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Lansdowne') to the economist Nassau Senior (acting as his agent), directing him to arrange accommodation for him at Ilfracombe.

Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice (1780-1863), 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne [ Lord Henry Petty ], British Liberal statesman [ Nassau Senior [ Nassau William Senior ] (1790-1864), economist ]
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Bowood [ Bowood House, Wiltshhire ]. 5 September 1837.
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2pp., 12mo. On leaf with mourning border. With 7.5 x 12.5 cm frank cut from front of envelope, reading 'Calne September fifth 1837 | Nassau Senior Esq | Ilfracombe | Devon | Lansdowne'. In good condition, lightly aged. While Senior is known to have been a protégé of the Marquess of Lansdowne, this letter suggests that he acted as his agent. The Marquess asks him to 'secure me a lodging at the hotel at Ilfracombe or if full at any house in the town on Friday, when I expect to be there pretty early'. In a postscript he adds that he will 'drive to the hotel', and that 'Henry has probably written to you that he has been advised to go to Leamington'.