[ Colonel Percy H. H. Massy of British Military Intelligence. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('P. H. H. Massy') to 'Cochrane' discussing the botanical interests of Prince Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, with reference to the botanist W. Siebe, and his own post.

Col. P. H. H. Massy [ Colonel Percy Hugh Hamon Massy ] (1857-1939), traveller, sportsman and British Military Intelligence officer in the Balkans [ Prince Ferdinand I of Bulgaria (1861-1948) ]
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On letterhead of the British Vice Consulate, Varna. 14 October 1903.
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2pp., 4to. In fair condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. Although he finds it strange that Cochrane should have had no reply from 'the professor', he points out that he sometimes goes travelling for weeks. He gives the address of 'Monsieur le Docteur W. Siebe' at the German Consulate in Mersine, before continuing: 'Strange to say I have another letter to forward to him from a friend of mine, and Prince Ferdinand, with whom I was talking here a few days ago, knows Dr. Siebe also and gets many bulbs from him and looks on him as a wonderful botanist. The Prince himself is a great botanist and, by the way, a very charming man - when he likes.' He discusses Cochrane's news, and thanks him for 'the photograph of Therapia, certainly a pretty spot'. He ends by discussing his own position: 'I think I shall like this post very much as I shall have variety between Consular and military matters of interest.' He describes his 'Chief at Sofia, Mr. Elliot', as 'very charming'. He is able to travel, and is in fact 'leaving in the morning for the Roumelian Turkish frontier, on the Bulgarian side this time', and will see 'many old scenes of the Russo-Turkish war'. Varna itself is 'not at all a bad place', with 'many advantages. The Prince has a nice palace near here and nruns down when he can.' He ends by stating that he is not sure 'how things are going. Very little might yet bring on war, I think.' For information on Massy see The Times, 29 December 1939.