[ Slade School, University College London. ] Black and white school photograph titled 'University College, London, Slade School | June, 1947'. With names of 45 of the subjects on reverse in the autograph of student Beatrix Blake.

[ Slade School, University College London, 1947; Beatrix Blake ] [ Randolph Schwabe; Alfred Gerrard; Aelred Bartlett; Allan Gwynne-Jones; George Charlton; Peter Alfred Brooker; Richard Beer ]
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[ Slade School, University College London. June 1947. ] Print by Panora Ltd, London, WC1.
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Black and white photographic print on 20 x 82 cm piece of paper, with image size 14.5 x 78 cm. In good condition, with light signs of age and wear, tightly rolled. Printed caption below image, and photographers' details at bottom right. The year's intake and the tutors are placed in five rows on the grass in front of the main building. On the reverse, in pencil, Beatrix Blake has written the names of 45 of the subjects: Pat Sykes, Phyllis Rawlinson, Rosemary Cox, Annie B, Keyna Parson [later Emerson, b.1922], Alfred Brew, Wendy Terrell, Phyllis Thompson, Betty Tucker, Ensley Pascoe, Beatrix Blake, June Morris, Barbara Wylie, Pip Fisher, Margaret Oldfield, Annie Hayward, Annie Tiltman, Gerry Quinton, Anne Falcon, Olga Marshall, Erica Dixon, Nancy Mellor, Pat Tew, Pat Thoburn, Diana Gillespie, Mr. Gerrard [Alfred Gerrard, 1899-1998], Aelred Bartlett [1918-2004], Anne Dunlop, Mr. Gwynne-Jones [Allan Gwynne-Jones, 1899-1992], Prof. Schwabe [Randolph Schwabe, 1885-1948], Mr. Charlton [George Charlton, 1899-1979], 'Cane woman', Mr. Brooker [Peter Alfred Brooker, 1900-1965], Mr. , Keith Mackenzie, Mary Edwards, Dick Beer [b.1928], Joseph Grant-Watson, Rosemary Rubens, Michael Armytage, Mary Clothier, Esmé Bailey, Beryl Anthony, Maureen Wild, Anne Kennie. As reported in the Guardian, 25 December 2013, the Slade has an on-line archive of school photographs, and aims to identify the sitters. The present image has not yet been digitized. From the papers of Beatrix Blake.