[ Ray Bradbury ]Autograph inscription by Ray Bradbury on a fax ('FROM ZANA BRADBURY') of the 'FINAL VERSION' of his preface to Melissa Scott's 1993 novel 'Burning Bright', describing 'the genesis of FAHRENHEIT 451'.

Ray Bradbury [Ray Douglas Bradbury] (b.1920), American author of the classic science-fiction novel 'Fahrenheit 451' [Melissa Scott (b.1960)]
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Bradbury's original signature dated 5 January 1994, on fax sent on 6 February 1993, of preface dated in type 14 February 1993.
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4to, 13 pp on thirteen leaves, consisting of a covering title-page and with the preface itself making up the remaining twelve pages. Bradbury's inscription, in blue felt-tip pen, is on the title-page, with 'FINAL VERSION! | FEB. 1993' above the title and 'Ray Bradbury | SIGNED JAN. 5, 1994' beneath it. The print-out fax information at the top of each page reads '06-02-1993 09:22 PM FROM ZANA BRADBURY TO 16193205383'. Condition is fair, with the leaves somewhat dogeared and discoloured. The preface makes no mention of Scott's book, being entirely devoted to the genesis and publication of 'Fahrenheit 451'. It begins 'Five short jumps and then a huge leap. | Five ladyfinger firecrackers and then an explosion. | That just about describes the genesis of FAHRENHEIT 451.' It ends: 'Well, then, at last what you have here is the love affair of a writer with the stacks; of a sad man, Montag's, love affair not with the girl next door, but a knapsack of books. [...] | Montag's novel is here. | I am grateful that he wrote it for me.'