[ Sir John Werden, 2nd Baronet. ] Printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, signed by 'John Werden.' and witnessed by 'R: Thornycroft'.

Sir John Werden (1683-1758), 2nd Baronet, son of Sir John Werden [ Worden ] (1640-1715), judge, politician and diplomat [ R. Thornycroft;
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[ The Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer, London. ] 5 September 1739.
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Customary printed Exchequer receipt, completed in manuscript, headed (manuscript text in square brackets): Record' [the 20th August 1739] | The [th5] Day of [Septr] 173[9] | Received by me Sr John Werden Assignee of Sir. John Werden]'. Calculations in right-hand margin and clerical sign and docketing on reverse. Recording the receipt of £9 13s 4d, from Thomas Townshend. The printed text states that the money was raised 'upon an Act of Parliament, (Entituled, An Act for granting to Their Majestes certain Rates and Duties of Excise upon Beer, Ale, &c. for securing certain Recompences and Avantages in the said Act mentioned, to such persons as shall voluntarily advance the Sum of Ten hundred thousand Pounds towards carrying on a vigorous War against France'. Signed at foot 'John Werden. | Witness | R: Thornycroft'.