[ Eton College for three generations ] An Unpublished Memoir (1870s), School Exercises and Bills (1850s), substantial and illuminating Correspondence (1870s and First World War)

Three Members of the Harington Family [ Eton College in the 1850s, 1870s and First World War]
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Eton, c.1850-1920
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Synopsis; a. Sir Richard Harington, 11th Baronet (1835-1911)98 Eton exercises in his autograph, with covering note on slip of paper in his hand: 'Eton Exercises | 1844. - 1853 |, etc". with other Eton material including "Eton Bills", 31 bills and receipts.b. Sir Richard Harington, 12th Baronet (1861-1931)Letters (informative) from Eton to parents and others, 1870-1875.Total 40 Autograph Letters Signed, average 3-4pp., 12mo, fairly large hand, improving with time, usually undated but (extrapolating from dated letters from parents) 1870-1875. Usually from "Dickie".WITH: 18 letters from parents (18), sibling and aunt (4), 2-4pp., 12mo. To "Dickie"c. Sir Richard Harington, 12th Baronet: Reminiscences of Eton in the 1870sTypescript, 51pp. Unpublished Memoirs.d. Sir Richard Dundas Harington, 13th Baronet (1900-1981)Letters (informative and often substantial) from Eton to parents, 1913-1919.Total 63 Autograph Letters Signed and 3 Autograph Cards Signed, usually 4pp. or so, 12mo, dated as above. Usually from "Dickie" or "Richard Dundas Harington". Link to FULL DESCRIPTION:  

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