[Lord Denman describes House of Lords 'progress in Women's Suffrage', 1894.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Denman') to 'Sir Thomas [Roe]', sending him a gift on his being knighted, and discussing political affairs.

Thomas Denman, Lord Denman [Thomas Aitchison Denman, 2nd Baron Denman] (1805-1894), Liberal politician, pioneer of women's suffrage [Sir Thomas Roe [later Lord Roe] (1832-1923), Liberal politician]
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'Alderston | Haddington | N[orth] B[ritain] [i.e. Scotland]' 27 January 1894.
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Denman was noted for his eccentricities. From 1884 he sat as a crossbencher, and introduced a number of bills on women's suffrage, none of which gained a second reading. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium with mourning border. The first page heavily-spotted, and with the cross-written signature over-written, probably by a child; otherwise lightly-aged and worn. Denman begins by informing him that he is going to send him a book: 'Thevenot Voyage [sic] Curieux, it has the Embassies of your name sake – in 1616 to the Great Mogul – you have his Arms & quarter wheat sheaf – it is in French, and the name is spelt Rhoe'. He has given a copy of the book in one volume to the House of Lords Library. He 'heartily' congratulates him on his 'well deserved honor'. The letter continues: 'You will be pleased to see there is progress in Women's Suffrage which the Duke of Rutland has revived – and Mr. Gladstone has apologized for his mistake – being unaware of the ladies desire for it – Sir Henry James will have to approve it, when it comes to the House of Commons'. In Denman's view 'Gladstone should accept a peerage – as the first Earl of Chatham did – he would improve the House of Lords – you tell him so first opportunity'. Denman also wishes he 'will be able to make us a visit again'