Signed Cheque ("J. Conrad") made out to Mrs Jessie Conrad.

Joseph Conrad.
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Made out for £2, good condition. Countersigned on back "Jessie Conrad". Seven cheques were found by a fellow dealer in a book from Conrad's Library ("an 1830s book on Napoleon"), one of which he sold on eBay, the other six coming to me. I have consigned one to a colleague, and am offering out the others individually, including this the last in this series of cheques which, since he died on 3 August 1924, is arguably the last thing he wrote. WITH: two Postcard photopgraphs of Conrad's study, on the verso of which someone called A..W. Jennings has noted "This photo of part of Joseph Conrad's Library at the time of his death was given to me by his son John Conrad. A.W. Jennings." See also #2138 where I list the other cheques with prices.