[Walter James Allen, Victorian illustrator.] Album containing twelve photographic prints of illustrations in the series 'Dogs of Finance and The Stock Exchange: Twelve Studies in the City By Walter J. Allen', with manuscript titles (by Allen?).

Walter J. Allen [Walter James Allen] (fl.1859-1891), artist and illustrator specialising in comic animals and children [London Stock Exchange]
Dogs of the Stock Exchange
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No place or date. [London, c.1878?]
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There is no record of the present images having been published, but around 1878 the London publishers Sampson Low had published a related item, 'Dogs of Assize: A Legal Sketch Book in Black and White, containing Six Drawings by Walter J. Allen, arranged by H. W. Cutts'. The present collection comprises twelve sepia 150 x 100 mm photographic prints of anthropomorphic drawings of dogs, representing various individuals of the London Stock Exchange, each one laid down on a blank gilt-edged cabinet card (165 x 110 mm). The cards are loosely inserted in the 'windows' of a Victorian photograph album, bound in brown leather, with patterned endpapers, and traces of a brass lock. The photographic cards are in good condition, lightly aged, while the album, which has been rebacked, is worn externally, with damage to several of the window mounts. Another cabinet card, loosely inserted, carries (probably in Allen's hand) on one side the title 'Dogs of Finance and The Stock Exchange: Twelve Studies in the City By Walter J. Allen', and on the other side the following list of the images: 'Dogs of “Finance” & the Stock Exchange | 1. The Promoter | 2. The Investor | 3. The Liquidator | 4. The Booker and The Jobber: “Making the Price” | 5. The “Foreign” Jobber | 6. The Articled Clerk | 7. “Fancy Options” | 8. The “Old Style” & “The New”! | 9. The Old “Sworn” Booker | 10. The Wealthy Jobber | 11. Hammered! | 12. The Beadle of “The House”.' Beneath a line, at the foot of the list is the following, referring to an item which is not present, and not one of the 'Twelve Studies' of the title: '13. The Stag, The Bull and The Bear &c'.