[Catharine Tait, philanthropist.] Printed facsimile of Autograph Letter Signed ('Catharine Tait'), with one addition in her genuine autograph: a circular regarding 'the election of Harriet Amelia Johnson to St Ann's School Brixton'.

Catharine Tait (1819-1878), philanthropist [St Ann's School, Brixton; Harriet Amelia Johnson]
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June 1864. Fulham Palace S.W. [London].
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For information on Tait, see her entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 12mo. Aged, worn and lightly stained. The fact that Tait was able to produce a lithographed circular for such a minor purpose indicates her resources. The only words in the document in Tait's genuine autograph are the interpolated 'now & in Jan'. The circular reads: 'My dear Sir | I am very anxious to secure the election of Harriet Amelia Johnson to St Ann's School Brixton. Her father who was well known to us died this year leaving a widow and three children unprovided for. Can you kindly help me with your votes [now & in Jan] | Believe me to be | Yours very faithfully | Catharine Tait'.