[William Black; Shakespeare's daughter] Part of Autograph Manuscript Draft of his novel 'Judith Shakespeare, A Romance' (concerning William Shakespeare's daughter). With emendations, and variations from published version.

William Black (1841-1898), Scottish novelist and journalist [William Shakespeare and his daughter Judith]
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Without date or place, but part of the manuscript of a book published in London in 1884.
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1p, 12mo. In fair condition, aged and worn. Folded twice. 68 lines of text, written in a minute, neat hand. Folded twice. Black has numbered the page at top right '206'. The text begins: '[...] seemly and maidenly thing [...]', and ends 'she seemed to know beforehand what he had to say.' Black's entry in the Oxford DNB describes his 1884 novel 'Judith Shakespeare: A Romance' (published in America with the subtitle 'Her Love Affairs and Other Adventures') as 'a romance about the dramatist's daughter'. The present passage is from Chapter 32 of the novel, and features on pp.365-368 of the first London edition, published by Macmillan & Co in 1884. The manuscript displays some variations from the printed text. For example, the passage in the manuscript: 'there were one or two phrases he used that seemed to have done duty before' is printed in 1884 as 'one or two phrases he had used were sounded as if they had done some previous service'; 'sharper and sharper' is printed 'more and more tart'; 'as far as the door' is printed as 'to the door of the cottage'; 'his wish that she should become his wife' is printed as 'his wish to have her for wife'. The manuscript also features a dozen minor emendations, including the substitution of such words as 'intimated' for 'hinted', 'usual' for 'ordinary', 'observe' for 'remark', 'become' for 'be'. The printed text also includes one or two additional phrases.