[President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's mother Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sara D Roosevelt') to 'Peggy', on a sketch to be made of the 'village' library she and her son are endowing in Hyde Park in memory of her husband.

Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt (1854-1941), second wife of James Roosevelt I, mother of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt [James Roosevelt Memorial Library, Hyde Park on the Hudson]
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23 February [no year]; on letterhead of Hyde Park on the Hudson, N.Y. [New York].
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The subject of the letter is a sketch which Mrs Roosevelt wishes the recipient to make on a scroll, depicting the library which she and her son the future president Franklin Delano Roosevelt are endowing in the 'village' of Hyde Park, in memory of her husband James Roosevelt I (1828-1900). (The library opened in 1927, and is still in use.) 4pp, 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once, with short closed to one edge of the fold. She begins: 'My dear Peggy | I received your parcel just before I came up here so have a few days of country air with my son [F. D. Roosevelt, her only child], who came down from Albany. How sweet of you to remember, & to send the sketches. The one I like best is the little building, & the treatment is original & artistic.' She showed the sketch to her son, and they both think 'it should be like the Library, tho' of course treated as yours is, so I shall get a photo to sent it to you, so you will get the front door & little walk up to it & the lodge'. The proposed sketch of the library will have to be a small one: '& I do not know if there wd. be room on the scroll, for "James Roosevelt Memorial Library"'. She explains that the library 'is not for "Women" it is for the whole village men & children also'. She will write to her again when she has the details. The letter concludes: 'I am so glad your Mother has been nice to my dear Alice Neale'.