[ Bayard Taylor, Poet ] Autograph Note Signed Bayard Taylor to an unnamed correspondent about My subject [...]

Bayard Taylor (1825–1878), American poet, literary critic, translator, travel author, and diplomat.
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Kennett Square, Peoria, 20 Oct. 186[4?].
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Piece of paper from lined exercise book, 11 x 13cm, good condition. Text: My subject will be 'Ourselves and Our Relations' [all underlined]. OURSELVES AND OUR RELATIONS.; Lecture by Mr. Bayard Taylor before the Mercantile Library Association in January 1866 but perhaps elsewhere before that.~80~AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT AMERICAN AUTHOR~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23303~20/09/2020~False~Brigitte Bardot, French former actress and singer, and animal rights activist.~[ Brigitte Bardot ] B & W Photograph of Brigitte Bardot, signed by her on the reverse Brigitte Bardot.~At a guess a Parisian scene, at the height of her acting career.~11 x 7cm, very good condition. Not posed. She is listening someone in uniform (perhaps gesturing directions?), holding packages from a shopping expedition(?). A crowd has gathered long enough to be organised. See image.~56~PHOTOGRAPH BRIGITTE BARDOT FRENCH ACTRESS~ ~0~RF1~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 23307~22/09/2020~False~Chevalier Bunsen [Christian Karl Josias von Bunsen (Chevalier Bunsen) (1791- 1860), theologian and Prussian diplomat]~[ Chevalier Bunsen, theologian and Prussian diplomat ] Autograph Note in the Third Person (Chevalier Bunsen presents [...] to R. Cole Esq about the delivery of a parcel to General Radewitz