[Earl of Exeter; Burghley] Document (Obligation) Signed Exeter, also signed by Culpepper Tanner, his Steward.

John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (c.1648-1700), known as Lord Burghley till 1678, MP, Collector.
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8 July 1690
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One page, folio, foxed and aged, but clear text. See image. Note (Wiki): Exeter was the son of John Cecil, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628–1678), and Lady Frances Manners. He was educated at Stamford School and St John's College, Cambridge.[2] He was elected to the House of Commons for Northamptonshire in 1675, a seat he held until 1678 when he succeeded his father in the earldom and entered the House of Lords. He was a notable Grand Tourist and filled his family home, Burghley House, with treasures purchased on his travels in 1679, 1681 and 1699[3] in Italy. He purchased 300 works of art during his 22 years in Burghley and spent on his last visit to Europe £5,000.