[Clare Leighton [Clare Marie Veronica Leighton, born Clara Ellaline Hope Leighton] (1898-1989), wood-engraver.] Four original proof wood-engravings by Clare Leighton: ‘The Village’, ‘The Cricket Match’, shepherd with crook, rainy rural scene

Clare Leighton [Clare Marie Veronica Leighton (1898–1989), wood-engraver and illustrator
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No place. Two of the four dated on mount to 1927.
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Four wood-engravings by a twentieth-century master, all in Leighton's characteristically heavily-inked style. The print dimensions of all four items are 9 x 7 cm. One to Three are in landscape and Item Four portrait. Paper dimension for all four 9.75 x 7.5 cm. All four on thin proof paper. Items One and Two are mounted on 14.5 x 12.5 cm pieces of cream paper cut from an album. All four in fair condition, with Items One and Three lightly creased. ONE: Captioned in pencil on mount: ‘The Cricket Match 1927 CLARE LEIGHTON’ Depicting a village cricket match watched by a small crowd of behatted spectators. TWO: Captioned in pencil on mount: ‘THE VILLAGE 1927 PROOF CLARE LEIGHTON’. Village with duckpond in foreground and church steeple in background. THREE: No mount or caption. A rainy rural scene, with two figures holding umbrellas on a road at right of foreground, and hills in background. FOUR: Full-length portrait of shepherd in hat and raincoat with handkerchief in pocket, holding a crook, and with six seated sheep at his feet at left of foreground, with road and hills in background.