[‘BY PERMISSION of the Ministry of Fuel and Power’.] Duplicated ‘typewritten bulletin, containing essential announcements, “Calls” and “Wanteds”, normally appearing in “The Stage”.’

The Stage, London theatre magazine [The Ministry of Fuel and Power, Whitehall; post-war restrictions]
Publication details: 
‘Bulletin issued by Carson & Comerford Ltd.’ ‘Not for publication. From “The Stage” Office / 19/21 Tavistock St., W.C.2 / Thursday Feb. 27. 1947.’ [London.]
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A scarce piece of English theatrical ephemera, illustrative of the restrictions imposed following the Second World War. From the papers of W. Macqueen-Pope. (See his entry in the Oxford DNB.) The item is a duplicated bulletin of six closely-typed 8vo pages, on three loose leaves. The text is complete and clear, but the item is aged and with wear to edges. The first page is headed by the following, in capitals, above the address and phone number of ‘The Stage’: ‘According to latest directions from the Ministry of Fuel & Power this is for private circulation only and is distributed gratis. / Not for publication.’ Begins ‘BY PERMISSION of the Ministry of Fuel and Power, we are enabled to distribute gratis this week, in sternly restricted numbers, a typewritten bulletin, containing essential announcements, “Calls” and “Wanteds”, normally appearing in “The Stage”. Sections headed ‘Variety Gossip’ (begins: ‘Capacity audiences at both houses welcomed the first West End Variety season for some years at the Palladium on Monday. The advance booking is very heavy.’ Later: ‘Laurel and Hardy a success at Newcastle on Monday night in their sketch “Getting a Driving Licence”.’), ‘British Equity’ (‘Over 500 actors and actresses packed Victory House, Leicester Square, last Thursday afternoon, to hear a full report by Gordon Sandison, the general secretary of Equity on the dispute with the West and Theatre Managers.’), ‘Chit Chat’ (begins: ‘Items Anton Walbrook has become a British citizen. - Lord Vivian has gone into partnership with C. B. Cochran to present “Bless the Bride”, the A. P. Herbert - Vivian Ellis operetta.’), ‘On Tour’, ‘Situations Vacant’, ‘Calls for next week - March 3. 1947’.