[Jack Rosenthal, playwright and television dramatist (including eight years on ‘Coronation Street’.] Two photographs of Rosenthal while teaching the residential writer course at Fen Farm, Suffolk, each with signed caption by organizer Sally Worboyes

Jack Rosenthal [Jack Morris Rosenthal] (1931-2004), playwright and television dramatist (including eight years on ‘Coronation Street’), husband of actress Maureen Lipman [Sally Worboyes, Fen Farm]
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1992. Fen Farm, Suffolk.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The two items are from the papers of Sally Worboyes, organiser of the residential arts courses at her home, Fen Farm in Suffolk, who has provided a signed caption on the reverse of both of the prints. Both colour prints. ONE: 23 x 16 cm photograph, in Landscape. Slightly creased at corners. A relaxed Rosenthal, in plaid shirt, jeans and trainers, seated on the steps of a farm outhouse, with five students and Warboyes grouped around him. On the reverse: ‘Jack Rosenthal / with his students / Sally Worboyes’. Stuck on the reverse is a typed label with manuscript date 1992, claiming copyright for Keith Mindham, 71 Churchill Road, Thetford, Norfolk. TWO: 10 x 15 cm. Portrait. In good condition. Rosenthal smiles broadly, in same outfit as One, but with addition of grey jacket, standing in the garden of a pink country house, with his arm round the shoulder of a smiling Worboyes. On reverse: ‘Jack Rosenthal and Sally / Sally Worboyes’.