[Poisoned on the orders of the French government? François-Antoine Chevrier, satirist.] Autograph Letter Signed to Dom Ambroise Pelletier, praising his recent work, and attacking the powerful and the church.

François-Antoine Chevrier [François-Antoine de Chevrier] (1721-1762), satirical French author, who fled to Holland [Dom Ambroise Pelletier (1703-1757), curate of Senones, genealogist and illustrator]
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‘Pais le 7. Xbre. [October] 1756.’
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An excellent letter, exhibiting precisely the sort of indignation one would wish for from such a renowned satirist. As a result of the furore caused by the publication in 1762 of his best-known work, ‘Le Colporteur’, Chevrier fled to Holland. The French government attempted to have him extradited, and his death that same year was rumoured to have been caused by poisoning. 3pp, 4to. On bifolium. Thirty-nine lines of text. In good condtion, lightly aged. The item has been expertly mounted, and the thin white-paper mount still adheres to reverse of the final leaf. Slight damage caused to edges by the breaking open of the seal has been repaired with the same white paper. Addressed, on reverse of the second leaf to ‘Le Reverend Pere Dom Pelletier curé de Senones’. Good firm signature ‘Chevrier’. He praises Pelletier for ‘les Peines que vous avez prises pour rassembler l’ouvrage que vous venez de donner’. Considering the criticism it has met with, he has ‘presque Envie de haïr les Lettres’. He continues with reference to ‘Mon Plan moins respectable que le votre’. Pelletier should be aware that many of the great ‘doivent leur Eclat à l’adresse d’un copiste, à la dexterité d’un apoticaire, ou à la fidelité d’un tailleur’. Pelletier knows as well as Chevrier ‘les Secrets de l’Eglise’. From the celebrated collection of Baron Houghton (in Lot acquired at Chiswick Auctions). See Image of pp.2(part)-3