[George Peachey, London Piano Forte Manufacturer.] Quarto Bifolium Leaflet Advertisement, printed in black and red with royal arms, advertising Peachey’s ‘City of London Piano-Forte Manufactory’, with much information in small print.

George Peachey, 73 Bishopsgate Street, Within, nineteenth-century London Piano Forte Manufacturer, ‘By Appointment to Her Majesty’
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No date, but on Saunders laid paper with 1856 watermark. George Peachey, Piano Forte Manufacturer, 73, Bishopsgate Street, Within, Opposite the Marine Society, London.’
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Scarce: no other copy traced. Bifolium of laid 1856 Saunders paper. 4pp, 4to. Unpaginated. The front cover carries is headed ‘City of London Piano-Forte Manufactory.’ Beneath this are engraved the royal arms, flanked by the words ‘By Appointment / to the Queen.’ Peachey’s address is engraved beneath the arms in large letters. At the foot of the page, in red ink, are three lines relating to ‘Harmoniums.’, with the second page headed by another two lines in red. The two central pages carry much information in small type. The left-hand page is headed (beneath a further two lines in red): ‘List of Prices of Piccolos, Cottages, and Semi-Cabinet Pianofortes, With new Improvements, Manufactured at the lowest possible Prices for Instruments that can really be warranted for all Climates, and Exchanged if not approved within Twelve Months.’ The left hand page is headed: ‘Carriage Free Five Miles. / Terms for Hire of First-Class Instruments. / Pianofortes of superior quality lent on hire in town or country, with the optino of purchase or exchange; packed free. / In soliciting commands, G. Peachey begs to state that it is his practice to send on Hire the very best description of Pianofortes, Harps, Seraphines, &c., on moderate terms, and superior to those generally kept for that purpose.’ Lengthwise on the last page is a form in engraved copperplate, with facsimile of the signature of ‘G Peachey’, beginning: ‘I am referred to you as to the respectability of [blank] residing at [blank] who wishes to Hire of me, a [blank] value £.’