[Lawrence Sail, British poet.] Small archive of twenty-seven items, including seventeen printed poetry keepsakes, copies of three of his collections (two with signature of the poet Patric Dickinson), an Autograph Letter Signed, Autograph Cards Signed

Lawrence Sail (b. 1942), contemporary British Poet [Patric Dickinson (1914-1994), poet, and his mistress Sarah Emmeline Hamilton]
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Between 1984 and 2018. Several from Devon (Tiverton and Exeter).
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From the papers of Sarah Emmeline Hamilton, whose extensive collection of letters from her lover the poet Patric Hamilton is offered separately. Sail is a widely-respected poet. He has presented the BBC Radio 3 programme 'Poetry Now' and 'Time for Verse' on BBC Radio 4. ITEMS ONE to SEVENTEEN: Printed keepsakes, fourteen of which are Christmas cards, nicely printed on thick paper (two naming the printers as ‘Maslands of Tiverton, Devon’), eight of which have attractive illustrations by Erica Sail (‘EJS’): ‘Chickweed’ (2007), ‘Echo’, ‘From the Larch’, ‘The Glimmering’, ‘Jacaranda’,‘A Leaf Falling’ (2000), ‘Slack’ (2010), ‘Winter Solstice’ (1997). The other bifoliums are: ‘Annunciation’, ‘At Christmas’, ‘The Cablecar’, ‘Looking In’ (tentatively dated by SEH to December 1989), ‘Relics’, ‘Songs of Darkness’ (1993, with long message announcing his marriage to Helen Bird; of the poem SEH writes: ‘P[atric]. D[ickinson]. Said too many adjectives!’). Also present is the poem ‘Proofs’, printed on one side of an 8vo of thick green paper, with inscription to SEH on the reverse. Also ‘Chamelion Song’, in red ink on one side of 12mo grey card, which is the one of only two out of the seventeen keepsakes not to be signed by Sail (seven ‘Lawrence’, eight ‘Lawrence and Helen’ and one with his wife’s genuine signature). The other unsigned keepsake has the poem ‘Winter Sketch’ on the recto of the first leaf of a 12mo bifolium of thin paper; dated by SEH to December 2018. EIGHTEEN: Autograph Card Signed from ‘Lawrence’ to ‘Patric [Dickinson]’. 24 June 1984; from Puddington, Devon. Illustration on one side; no stamp or postmark. Discussing a BBC Radio 3 poetry broadcast: ‘[...] In Shaun’s absence, Piers Plowright will argue for us at the next R3 planning meeting. If that is no go, then the programme becomes a reading by you, solo. [...]’ NINETEEN: A long Autograph Letter Signed: 6 April 1990, with letterhead of Richmond Villa, Exeter; 1p, 8vo. TWENTY: A long Autograph Card Signed: 10 March 2017, on Richmond Villa letterhead; responding to Item Six below, and discussing Patric Dickinson’s literary reputation. TWENTY-ONE: Photocopy of poem ‘from Sea Pictures’. 1p, 12mo. Dated by SEH 15 December 2017. TWENTY-TWO: Photocopy of poems ‘Olympic Cyclists’ and ‘Lundy Headland’, each 1p, 8vo, and each dated by SEH 10 March 2017. TWENTY-THREE: Publicity notice for Sail’s Enitharmon Press anthology ‘The Heart’s Granary’, dated 29 August 2017, signed by director Stephen Stuart-Smith and addressed to SEH. 2pp, 8vo. TWENTY-FOUR: Signed Autograph Draft of letter (1p, 8vo) from SEH to Sail, 3 March 2017, discussing Dickinson’s literary reputation. (Item Two above is a response.) TWENTY-FIVE: Copy of Sail’s first volume of verse, ‘Opposite Views’ (J. M. Dent & Sons, 1974). With ownership inscription ‘Patric Dickinson’. In poor condition: worn, aged, wormed and with leaves loose. TWENTY-SIX: Copy of Sail’s second volume of verse, ‘The Drowned River’ (Mandeville Press, 1978). Stitched pamphlet: one of 250 copies. Worn and with staining to covers. THREE: Copy of Sail’s fourth collection of verse, ‘Devotions’ (Secker & Warburg, 1987). Inscribed: ‘to Sarah, / with love, / Lawrence / October 1989’. See Image.