[Ellen Terry, distinguished Shakespearian actress of the Victorian and Edwardian period, famed for her partnership with Henry Irving.] Autograph Card Signed, agreeing to sign a protest against a 'wicked deed'.

Ellen Terry [Dame Alice Ellen Terry] (1847-1928), distinguished Shakespearian actress of the late-Victorian and Edwardian periods, acted opposite Henry Irving
Ellen Terry
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10 January [no year, but between 1904 and 1920 when she lived at this address]. On two plain cards, both with letterheads of '215, King's Road, / Chelsea.' [London]
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See her entry in the Oxford DNB. On two 11 x 9 cm cards, plain but for the letterhead. Both in good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. The card is signed 'E. T:' and is written in her forceful hand. Begins: 'I have no time - nor words - to tell you what I think - The boys health indeed! - if there's any use in talking, if signing petitions will do any good one would talk & sign all day! but in spite' - here the reverse of the first card begins, and the side is entirely deleted, except for the last line'. The deleted passage continues from the first side: 'of all protests I feel it in my bones the thing is inevitable money is at the bottom of it all - this is a vulgar age, & all beauty is being chased from off the Earth The Cathedrals will be a Grand [pill?] for the despoiler'. The undeleted text continues: ' 'I will sign any protest you may make against the wicked deed: - but it comes under no Act at all, & it means money & hypocrisy the [whole thing?]'. She concludes by explaining that she is 'trying to write two notes, & three good souls are talking to me at the same time.' Postscript: 'Have you influence I wonder in Military Circles? I have none -'. See Image, pp.1 & 4.