[Mark Pattison, scholar (said to have been the original of George Eliot's 'Edward Casaubon')] Signed Autograph Draft of 'Notice', as Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, 'by order of a College meeting', regarding forfeiture of scholarships.

Mark Pattison (1813-1884), scholar, Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, reputed to be the most learned man in England, and said to be the original of ‘Edward Casaubon’ in George Eliot’s 'Middlemarch'
Mark Pattison
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4 June 1874; on letterhead of Lincoln College, Oxford.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB (‘He had the reputation of being the most learned man in England’). 1p, 16mo. On aged, worn and discoloured paper, with minor damage to the four corners (at bottom-left affecting the date) from previous mounting. Reads: ‘Notice / Any Scholar, elected for classics, who does not obtain at least a Second Class in classical Moderations, will forfeit his Scholarship. / by order of / a College meeting / Mark Pattison / Rector’. Date ‘4 June 1874.’ at bottom left.