[Tom Chetwynd, author on spirituality.] Typescript (of the second part of his dystopian first novel ‘The Copper Cow’?) titled ‘The GHOSTLY and the BEASTLY. Part II.’

Tom Chetwynd [Tom Wentworth Guy Chetwynd] (1938-2012), author of many works on spirituality [dystopian science fiction]
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No date (circa 1962?). On title-page: ‘Tom Chetwynd, / 12 Mornington Terrace, / N.W.1. / 387-7709.’
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Apparently an earlier version of the concluding part of Chetwynd’s dystopian first book, ‘The Copper Cow’, published in London by Anthony Blond in 1962 which gives a surrealistic description of a Britain of the near future. Duplicated typescript, double-spaced and printed on rectos of leaves only, all attached with metal stud. Paginated 115-210, preceded by title page and section title. In good condition, lightly aged. With deletions and manuscript corrections duplicated, but no actual manuscript emendations. Chetwynd had studied theology at UCL, and this writing is a bridge between his former and future concerns. It features the usual tropes: sex maniacs (‘a rich nymphomaniac’), dismantlement of humanoids, flight from societal collapse.