Two Typed Letters Signed and one Autograph Card Signed to the Secretary, 'Dominions & Colonies Section', Royal Society of Arts.

Captain Sir Cecil Hamilton Armitage [the Ashanti Campaign; the Gambia]
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The letters 31 August 1927 and 22 March 1928; the card, 2 July 1928; all three items 76 Jermyn St, St. James's (one letter on letterhead).
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British soldier and colonial official (1869-1933), Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Gambia Colony and Protectorate, 1920-7. All three items very good. Both letters one page, quarto; both bearing the R.S.A. stamp, and one docketed. All three items signed 'C. A. Armitage'. LETTER ONE: Thanks the R.S.A. Committee for the invitation 'to read a Paper on the Gambia Colony [...] I have been retired from Colonial Service after thirty-three years work in West Africa, and am engaged at the moment in considering my plans for the future.' He is willing to give the lecture, with lantern slides if required, 'early in October next'. LETTER TWO: 'I should like Lord Lugard to be my Chairman when I read my Paper on the "Gambia Colony and Protectorate" at your Meeting on the 22nd May, and failing him, Sir Mathew Nathan'. He is sending the typescript, and requires a lantern slide operator. POSTCARD (two pages, 12mo): Acknowledges receipt of twenty-four copies of the R.S.A. journal 'containing the paper that I read on the 22nd. May last'.