"Notes of a Walking Tour with my Twin Brother Ernest 27 July 1891"

[ MOUNTAINEERING ] Cecil C. Baker, twin brother of Ernest Baker, presumably Ernest A. Baker, author of books on the Highlands, climbing, etc.
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Notebook, soft-covered, c.90pp., 12mo,covers almost detached, contents good. Contents as follows: Table columnised, 5pp., giving details of Dates, Proposed Itinerary, Result; List of things taken "Self" and "Ernest" from clothes to toothbrush to Baedeker to bovril malt (with comments on whether worn, lost, etc.). two pages; detailed Diary from 27 July to 21 August 1891 (London to Saltburg to Munich) with many sketches (one coloured) of mountains, a fine sketch of the Konigsee, etc; lyrics and music (German and English), 7 pages; train times (?), one page; tabulated summary giving Day, Name of Place, Height above Sea, Distance in miles from last place, Time taken, Height Ascended, Height descended, 8 pages (30 nights total, London to London). Written from the back of the notebook is a detailed list of cash in hand (inc. Ernest) and expenses inc. lunch, accommodation, travel, items bought, etc. A remarkably detailed and illuminating account.