Handbill entitled 'The Recruiting Officer's Speech.'

The Recruiting Officer' [evangelical Christianity; handbills; Salvation Army; George Brimmer, London printer; G. and I. Offer, booksellers; ephemera]
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[c. 1818] London: Printed by G. Brimmer, 15, Water-lane, Fleet-street; and sold by G. and I. Offer, Postern Row, Tower Hill, and J. Higham, 6, Chiswell Street.
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On one side of a piece of unwatermarked wove paper, 32 x 25 cm. Good, on lightly aged and creased paper. Attractively produced within a decorative border, with the title in gothic script and the text beginning in a single column before splitting into two. Printer's and publishers' details at foot, with advertisement of five works published between 1815 and 1817. After three scriptural quotations, begins 'ALL Sinners who are arrested by the HOLY SPIRIT, tried in the Court of Conscience, cursed and condemned by the just and holy law of God, and in consequence thereof become willing to serve his Majesty JEHOVAH, in the Royal Regiment of SAINTS, and in CAPTAIN IMMANUEL's Company, or NEW JERUSALEM, where the company now lies; [...]'. Contains two poems: the first (26 lines) beginning 'These soldiers are bold, and well they may, | Since Christ their Captain leads the way;' and the second (16 lines) 'GIRD thy loins up, Christian Soldier, | Lo! thy Captain calls thee out;'. The central conceit of this piece - especially effective during the high militarisation resulting from the Napoleonic Wars - would later be taken to the ultimate extreme by the Salvation Army. A single copy of an earlier version, produced in 1791, and with significant variations, is held by the Bodleian. Excessively scarce: no copy on COPAC. According to BBTI Brimmer was active between 1802 and 1824, and George Offer (no G. and I. Offer) in Postern Row before 1794 and until 1824.