Twelve receipts and invoices.

[Stationers to the SPCK]
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12 items, receipts and invoices, some substantial, 1827-1836, listing items, quantities and prices. Stationers include: Christopher Magnay & Sons [BBTI to 1830, this 1831]; William Magnay [Add College Hill, Thames Street, and 1836 - BBTI has 1839 only]; George Prichard [SPCK symbol, add to BBTI that They were "Depository of the [SPCK]"; Roake & Varty [Add to BBTI bookbinders, engravers]; Venables & Wilson [partnership not in BBTI]; Venables, Wilson & Tyler; William Winbolt. The highest receipt was for £322.17.6 for paper for the SPCK Annual Report.