[Printed Circular]

Charles Frederic Cocks [Charles Frederick Cocks], bookseller and stationer.
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64 Paternoster Row, Cheapside, December, 1823.
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Two scraps of paper which combine to form a printed circular signed "Charles Frederic Cock" announcing his commencement in business as a bookseller and stationer. He has had eight years "practical Acquaintance with the Business". He is soliciting business. On the versos of this circular, there are notes which reveal Cock's role in the distribution of prayer books on behalf of the SPCK. With: invoice and receipt, the latter signed "Charles Frederick Cock", 4 Sept. 1835 for "Printing 250 Circulars 'Vouchers' to inclose in the Army Cases and paper for the same / Commission on Examining & Packing 59 Testaments / 2802 Bibles / 6070 Prayers . . . ", total including packing cases and porterage £36.17..