Inadvertencies collected from the works of several eminent authors.

E. G-H.' [i.e. Edward Gathorne-Hardy], editor [The Mill House Press]
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Stanford Dingley: The Mill House Press, 1963.
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Number 174 of 'Two hundred numbered copies [...] printed by hand on mould-made paper.' 8vo: [ii] + 9 pp. Stitched pamphlet of twelve leaves, with four vignettes giving it a distinct chap-book feel. COPAC only lists copies at the British Library and Oxford. Prefatory note by 'E. G-H.' [Eddie Gathorne-Hardy]. Extremely funny collection of double entendres by 'authors who occupy a distinguished position in English literature.' The following example from 'Martin Chuzzlewit' is pretty typical: 'She touched his organ; and from that bright epoch, even it, the old companion of his happiest hours, incapable, as he had thought, of elevation, began a new and deified existence.'