[ Business; George's Coffee House, Temple Bar; Manuscript ] "Baker Gabb in Account with Sir John Harington" [ Document detailing business/accounts conducted at a Coffee House by Sir John Harington and Baker Gabb ]. With related material [1813-1820].

[ Docketed "Gabb George's Coffee House, Temple Bar"; Gabb and Gabell, stewards to the Barony ] ]
Publication details: 
Sept.1815-March 1820

Seven pages, folio, folded, minor damage with no loss of text, good condition. Baker Gabb, member of Welsh landowning family, presumably in his role of solicitor acting for the Harington Family, giving a detailed record of financial activity with Welsh property, mainly involving the "Rents of Cadvor", giving details of income from tenants, crops, stock, etc. and outgoings, concluding with the balance due to Sir John Harington (£2989.19.1). Also the Royal Oak, Abergavenny. With 10 further MS items including: A.

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