[‘Before your very eyes!’ Arthur Askey, comedian and entertainer.] Signed Autograph inscription: ‘Yours Big-Heartedly. / Arthur Askey.’

Arthur Askey [Arthur Bowden Askey] (1900-1982), comedian and entertainer
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1938. No place.

Dating from what his entry in the Oxford DNB describes as Askey’s ‘prime professional days’: ‘In 1938 Askey joined Powis Pinder's Sunshine concert party at Shanklin, Isle of Wight, where he performed successfully for the next eight years. In 1938 the BBC also engaged him for a new radio show called Band Waggon, in which his partner was Richard Murdoch. The show, first broadcast in January 1938, was an enormous success and its innovative style was perhaps Askey's greatest contribution to the entertainment business.’ On one side of a 12.5 x 8.5 cm piece of light-green card.

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