[Joseph Biggs, Leicester radical and friend of Mazzini.] Manuscript of apparently-unpublished poem ?By Mr Joseph Biggs / 1835? titled ?A Dream?, satirizing the 'Leicester Corporation' and a number of municipal figures.

Joseph Biggs (1809-1895), Leicester radical and friend of Mazzini, brother of radical MP and Anti-Cornlaw Chartist John Biggs (1801-1871)
Publication details: 
Written out on paper with watermark of a firm active between 1845 and 1877. The date of composition is given as 1835, and the poem relates to affairs at Leicester.

The present poem is an interesting example of provincial satire, with reference to a number of local figures, and there seems no indication that it was ever published. It is complete in 152 lines, arranged in 16 stanzas of varying length. At the end, in the same hand as the rest of the text: ?By Mr Joseph Biggs / 1835?.

[Female suffrage.] Printed handbill by the London National Society for Women's Suffrage, discussing five questions including 'Why should Women demand the Franchise?' and 'What Public benefits would be the result of giving the Franchise to Women?'

Mrs. P. A. Taylor [Clementia Taylor (1810–1908; née Doughty)] and Miss C. A. Biggs [Caroline Ashurst Biggs (1840-1889)], Secretaries, London National Society for Women's Suffrage
Publication details: 
[London National Society for Women's Suffrage.] Undated [circa 1870].

2pp., 12mo. Single leaf headed 'LONDON NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE.' In fair condition, lightly-aged, disbound, with loss to fore-edge.

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