[Printed Victorian botanical handbill advertisement.] American Blackberry Rooted Cuttings, Kittatinny Variety. Imported by D. C. Lowber, 35, Chapel Walks, Liverpool. [Including text on 'THE AMERICAN BLACKBERRY.']

D. C. Lowber [originally of New Orleans], Liverpool Merchant [American Blackberries, Kittatinny Variety; botanical ephemera]
American Blackberry Rooted Cuttings
Publication details: 
[Circa 1875.] D. C. Lowber, 35, Chapel Walks, Liverpool.
American Blackberry Rooted Cuttings

12mo, 4 pp. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Attractive engraving of a blackberry cutting. The second page is headed 'THE AMERICAN BLACKBERRY', and begins 'There is scarcely a more wholesome fruit than this, and one that has been more improved by judicious cultivation on the American side of the water.' The text, which continues to the last page and is signed in type by Lowber, contains two quotations from 'Rev. E. P. Roe, one of the most celebrated small fruit culturists on the banks of the Hudson'. In manuscript at foot of third page: '15/- per doz.

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