[Huddersfield F.C.] The Autograph Signatures of 12 Players for Huddersfield in its golden period

Huddersfield F.C. in its pomp.
Publication details: 
c.1925 [John F. Chaplin, a signatory of this collection describes himself as Trainer. He was trainer from 1922-6 (playup liverpool site)]

Page extracted from autograph book, 10 x 14cm, dulled but still clear, one edge roughened having been removed from an autograph book. Signatures of N. Christie, W. Carr, G M Lean, W.E. Roughton, J. Smith, C. Luke, W.H. Smith, J.J. Williams, H. Turner, R. Robinson, W.G.B. Bottrell, F.R. Goodall, John F. Chaplin. See image. Note: Huddersfield became the first English club to win three successive English league titles in 1925–26. The first two league titles were won under manager and pioneer Herbert Chapman, who also led the team to an FA Cup win in 1922.

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