Autograph Letter Signed ('Geo Ellis') to Messrs Gosling & Sharpe, London bankers.

George Ellis (d.1895) [playwright of Drury Lane and Surrey Theatres?] [the wreck of the Oneida, 1850; August Edouard]
Publication details: 
4 September 1878; on letterhead of 10 Bolton Road, St John's Wood.

12mo bifolium: 3 pp. Good on slightly grubby paper. He wishes to be informed 'which branch of the family the enclosed represent'. 'They are part of a large collection of persons connected with the Stock Exchange & mercantile world. The collection - some hundreds - was saved from the wreck of the "Oneida" in 1850', and is the work of August Edouard, 'who served under the first Napoleon'. He has 'the history of them, and a very interesting one it is'.

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