[Alexander W. Williamson, Professor of Chemistry at University College, London.] Autograph Signature on engraved ticket to his lecture on ‘Chemistry’, made out for the microscopist Bernard Piffard.

Alexander W. Williamson [Alexander William Williamson] (1824-1904), Professor of Analytical and Practical Chemistry, University College, London [Bernard Piffard (1833-1916), entomologist; Choshu Five]
Alexander W. Williamson
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University College, London. The ticket is 'Renewed 1 Oct 1861 Perpetual Jany / 52 Session 1861-62.'
Alexander W. Williamson

Williamson is notable for his work on the formation of ether, and for furthering Anglo-Japanese relations by welcoming the 'Choshu Five' and later members of the Satsuma han into his home. See his entry in the Oxford DNB. From the Piffard papers. Signed ‘Alexr W. Williamson’ on ticket engraved in copperplate on one side of 15.5 x 10.5 cm card. In fair condition, a little worn and somewhat discoloured with age. Central horizontal fold. Blind-stamped with ‘Treasury Seal’. The signature is at bottom right, with number of ticket (40) and the initials of the secretary ‘’ at bottom left.

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