[Paul Robeson, celebrated black stage and screen actor prominent in the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement.] Autograph Signature ('Paul Robeson') written on photograph.

Paul Robeson [ Paul Leroy Robeson ] (1898-1976), black American baritone singer and actor prominent in the Harlem Renaissance and Civil Rights Movement
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No place or date.

On 11 x 17.5 piece of shiny art paper, cut from a programme. The signature ?Paul Robeson? is written across Robeson?s front, beneath his smiling face in a black and white photograph. Beneath the photograph is the caption: ? ?A voice like his is worth waiting ten years to hear, and an art like his comes once in a generation.? / THE TORONTO EVENING TELEGRAM?. On the reverse are part of the lyrics from two songs, the second being ?Short?nin? bread?.

Signed Printed Memorandum of Agreement between Aldrich and Anthony Blond Limited for a book to be entitled 'Harlem Diary'.

Nelson W[ilmarth]. Aldrich jr. [Anthony Blond Ltd].
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20 January 1964; London.

4 pages, folio. Somewhat grubby and creased, but in good condition overall. A standard Blond printed contract with manuscript additions and deletions. Signed 'Nelson W Aldrich /' and Anthony Blond'. The work does not appear to have been published.

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