[William Paley, philosopher and utilitarian, creationist author of 'Natural Theology'.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Paley') to T. Harrison, regarding Thomas Paley's living of Aldrington in Sussex; 'Mansell's being a bishop'; and Louth, Lincolnshire.

William Paley (1743-1805), philosopher and utilitarian, creationist author of 'Natural Theology' [Thomas Paley; Magdalene College, Cambridge]
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Temple [London]; 17 June 1801.

The subject of the present letter, Thomas Paley, was certainly related to William Paley, but they were not brothers, as Paley had none. The reason for the lack of information about Thomas Paley is his disgrace. In 1806, five years after the present letter was written, Thomas Paley, a senior fellow and tutor at Magdalene, was forbidden to reside at the college (while still retaining his stipend), being guilty of 'highly offensive and injurious conduct providing a dangerous example to juniors' in ways 'which from delicacy cannot be specified' (see Cunich, 'History of Magdalene College').

[ Thomas Wilkinson Wallis, wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'). ] Eight autograph items: six journal fragments, including eight pages on the 1851 Great Exhibition; description of his 'Trophies of Spring'; letter to his daughter.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis (1821-1903), wood carver ('the Grinling Gibbons of the 19th century'), sculptor and painter of Louth in Lincolnshire [ The Great Exhibition, 1851 ]
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The letter to his daughter dated from Louth [ Lincolnshire ], 18 October 1884. Description of carving from 1851. Fragments from journal dealing with events in 1837, 1851, 1862 and 1866.

Thomas Wilkinson Wallis was the greatest wood carver of Victorian England. Born in impoverished circumstances in Hull, by 1844 he had established his own business in Louth Lincolnshire, and for the 1851 he submitted seven carvings, 'of which ‘Trophy of Spring’ was awarded a medal. It was his most intricate carving, it took him 8 months to complete and was considered to surpass the work of Grinling Gibbons.

[ Victorian dentristry. ] Printed volume titled 'The Physiology of the Teeth popularly applied to their care and preservation: [...] By James Dixon Goy, Dentist.

James Dixon Goy (b.1842), Dentist, of Ramsgate, Louth, Lincolnshire
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Second Edition. Edinburgh: Printed by Ballantyne and Company. 1871.

xi + 67pp., 12mo. Disbound and without covers. The preface to the first edition is dated from 'Liverpool, 1869', and that to the second from 'Lincoln, 1871'. In the latter Goy writes that he is in 'failing health', but that 'the whole has been thoroughly revised, and much additional matter introduced. The chapter on Artificial Teeth has been enlarged, and the character of the work altogether improved.' Scarce: no copy of any edition found on either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat, and none in the Wellcome Library.

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