[ Lillie Martin Wood ] Signed autograph 'copy of my letter sent to Miss Meakin at Freiburg, Baden': a long and informed letter to a German friend regarding war profiteering, inflation, and the economic state of Weimar Germany.

Lillie Martin Wood, daughter of W. Martin Wood (1829-1907), editor of The Times of India [ Weimar Germany ]
Publication details: 
Copy of letter sent 'on July 23rd. 1924'.

6pp., 4to. In good condition, on aged paper. In envelope docketted by her 'My reply to Miss Meakin | to her letter of July 18th. 1924'. The recipient is a German former friend, who has sent her a copy of a letter she has sent the London magazine the Spectator, complaining of the economic treatment of Germany since the First World War. Wood signs herself 'Your affectionate old friend', recalling 'our beloved parents, and [...] our own youth'. She concludes bitterly: 'Please dont interrupt your studies for the thankless task of trying to make me forget all that we owe to Germany.

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