[British civil defence, 1950.] Autograph Notebook, with 'G. Reeves Atom' on cover, containing notes made at civil defence meetings (Home Office, Army or Fire Brigade?) in preparation for nuclear and biological warfare.

G. Reeves [Home Secretary Planning Committee, Regional Office, Div, S/DO; Fire Services; British 1950s civil defence; nuclear war; atom bomb; biological warfare; atomic warfare]
Publication details: 
[London.] Notes made at meetings between 30 March to 25 June 1951.

37pp., 12mo (including two irrelevant pages at the rear), of pencil notes, with some diagrams. In a spiral-bound 'No. 430 Reporter's Note Book' by Brown Knight & Truscott, Ltd, London. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. On cover: 'G. Reeves Atom'. The notes were made at meetings or lectures held at roughly fortnightly intervals. (The last page records 'No meetings' on 9 and 23 June.) Topics include: 'Types of Shelter', 'Refuge Room', 'Long range rocket', 'Antipersonnel Bomb' ('When a bomb is found a red flag in a stick is to be placed 3 paces to the North so that B[omb].

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