[ Bernard Shaw ] Cyclostyled (or similar) Typed Letter with printed addresser "(signed) G. Bernard Shaw" to Daniel Jones, phonetician, though by some to be "the basis for [...] Professor Higgins in Pygmalion", about Simplified English.

George Bernard Shaw, playwright
Publication details: 
"From Bernard Shaw | 4 Whitehall Court (130) London SW1", 1 January 1947.

Found with some letters from Shaw to Gilbert Murray, classicist, so presumed to have been sent by Shaw to Murray. Two pages, folio, fold marks, four small closed tears, edge a little damaged, text complete and clear. Marked "Copy" in typescript, but no other physical copy has yet been traced. A version of the text may be found ( headed "George Bernard Shaw: A Colossal Labour Saving | An Open Letter, May 1947" - no mention of Daniel Jones) in "Imagining Language: an Anthology" (MIT, 2001) in Googlebooks, but has substantial textual differences.

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